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Computer Prerequisites

Electronic Signature Registration Form

The Rate-Setting Unit (RSU) has established an on-line tuition rate notification process. Each registered user will be assigned a user code and password to log into the State Education Department Financial Computer System (SEDFIN) through Presentation Client.

You must be employed by this school and on the payroll to complete this form and/or register.

Each authorized person in the school must register separately with the Rate-Setting Unit by completing the form below. When RSU receives a registration, an e-mail will be generated to the Executive Director which will include the usercode and password for the authorized school representative. This is to ensure that the Executive Director is aware of and accepts the authorization of the school representative(s). It is then incumbent upon the Executive Director to notify you that you have been authorized to use the system and to inform you of what your usercode and password are.


School Registration


Please select the county in which your school district resides:

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