Special Education School District Data Profile

The Special Education School District Data Profile is prepared in accordance with the requirement of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Each State must have a State Performance Plan (SPP) to evaluate the State's efforts to meet the requirements and purposes of the implementation of IDEA. The SPP is a six-year plan which describes New York State's performance on 20 indicators. States must report annually to the public on the performance of the State in an Annual Performance Report (APR) and each school district against the State's targets. New York State's SPP and the APR that describe these indicators in detail are available at http://www.p12.nysed.gov/specialed/spp/.
The following report reflects only quantifiable data collected by the State. Since performance of a school district in any indicator may be the result of unique circumstances within a district, readers are encouraged to consider information provided by the district's administration in interpreting these data.

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School District

1 Adirondack Central School District
2 Camden Central School District
3 Clinton Central School District
4 Holland Patent Central School District
5 New Hartford Central School District
6 New York Mills Union Free School District
7 Oriskany Central School District
8 Remsen Central School District
9 Rome City School District
10 Sauquoit Valley Central School District
11 Sherrill City School District
12 Utica City School District
13 Waterville Central School District
14 Westmoreland Central School District
15 Whitesboro Central School District

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