Requirement Description


College coursework is study taken for college credit, completed at or transferred to a degree-granting institution of higher education approved by the New York State Commissioner of Education or a regional accrediting agency. Coursework must be offered for degree credit by the college, whether or not you obtain the degree.

Pedagogical coursework must be earned at an institution of higher education with an approved teacher education program that leads to teacher certification in the state in which the college is located, or a community college with an articulation agreement with such an institution (contact your college).

Unacceptable coursework is that which is not credit-bearing or not applicable toward a degree. Examples of unacceptable coursework: professional development courses, continuing education courses, often measured in Continuing Education Units (CEUs), audited courses, and courses that have been waived or for advanced placement (such as high school courses) without credit toward a degree.

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Acceptable Grades

Semester Hour Equivalents

Acceptable courses are those typically offered by the department specific to the language and which are considered core requirements toward a degree in that language. Culture, civilization, and film courses are acceptable when offered by the language department as part of a concentration in that language.