All corrections must be made to the teacher ePMF forms and certified in TAA by the CEO by July 30, 2018.

Teacher Access and Authorization

Teacher Access and Authorization (TAA)

Account Creation and Resets

To access TAA, users need to create an account.  Once you create an account you will have access to both the Teacher Student Roster Verification (TSRV) system and the
electronic Personnel Master File (ePMF) application.
For more information, please see the TAA Application User Guide.

For Administrators

When building administrators log into TAA, you will only see your teachers that have selected and submitted the PMF form for your building.
For more information, please see the TAA Application User Guide.

TAA Applications


The electronic Personnel Master File, ePMF, collects data submitted by teachers such as the sections they teach, including class assignment, grade level taught, and years teaching.
More information...
If data is incorrect, your district must correct it in the Staff Snapshot data.
This will override and correct the ePMF form.

Teacher Student Roster Verification Application

This system is used to verify district/BOCES/charter school reported roster data for teachers and principals outside of NYC.  A TSRV roster for classroom teachers (district, BOCES, and charter school teachers) providing instruction in grades 3-8 ELA/Math and Math Regents courses will be viewable in TAA.  More information...
If you identify inaccurate data within the report we ask that you work with your District Data Coordinator to correct the errors in your Student Management System. For instructions on how to view and verify roster data, please see the TAA Application User Guide.
New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) teachers and principals will use alternate data verification processes and reports.   More information...
NYCDOE teachers and principals will have access to an online tool, STARS Classroom, to review and update class list information. If NYCDOE teachers have questions about this process, they should contact their principals or data specialists in their school or network. NYC teachers and principals may also contact with questions.

TEACH Accounts and TEACH IDs

In order to access the Teacher Access and Authorization System (TAA), an educator must have a TEACH ID from OTI, IRS does not create or provide TEACH IDs. Additionally, IRS does not have access to the TEACH System and OTI does not have access to the TAA System.
For more information, please visit the TEACH Accounts and TEACH IDs document.

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