Requirements for Initial Certificate, Literacy (Birth-Grade 6)

Following are all possible pathways available to receive the certificate specified above. The specific requirements to satisfy each pathway are also listed.

Pathway: Approved Teacher Preparation Program 05/01/2014     This pathway refers to programs specifically designed and registered with the New York State Education Department to qualify students for New York State teacher, pupil personnel, or administrative certification. A listing of these preapproved programs is available through our Inventory of Registered Programs. Candidates applying under this pathway are recommended by their college or university for a certificate in the subject area(s) of the registered program. Specified non-coursework requirements, such as the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations and fingerprint clearance, must also be satisfied.

Which Pathway is Right for Me?


Pathway:Approved Teacher Prep Program Trans B Certificate Progression     This pathway is used by individuals that had their Transitional B certificate issued after 5/1/2014 and are now applying for their Initial certificate in the same title after completion of the Transitional B program.


Pathway: Approved Teacher Prep Program - Additional Certificate